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The Gold IRA Rollover Guide

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The owners of this website may be paid to recommend the following companies: Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, Noble Gold Investments, and Birch Gold Group. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of the mentioned companies, and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.  We do believe in all the companies we recommend as being the most trustworthy in the business.

There are so many considerations to take into account when choosing how to invest your retirement money. The gold IRA rollover guide can help you today. What are you aiming to accomplish? How much time do you have to achieve that goal? What resources do you have at your disposal? How much money will you need when you’re retired? In addition to these factors, there’s also the consideration of how you’ll be able to access the money when it comes time to retire—and that leads us straight into our topic today, gold IRA rollovers.

The Gold IRA Rollover Guide

the gold IRA rollover guide

Why Choose Gold as an Investment

Gold has long been viewed as a viable investment to secure one’s financial future. Yet many individuals are unaware of how gold can be implemented into their retirement accounts, or why they should consider it at all. In order to choose between an investment in gold and another type of account, such as stocks or mutual funds, one must first recognize what sets each apart from one another. Once these factors have been understood, you can determine which investment is most appropriate for your particular situation. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages now.

Gold can be used as a hedge against inflation. While it may seem counterintuitive to protect your investments from rising prices, it’s actually an effective strategy when implemented correctly. When inflation rises, one of two things will happen: If you own stock or mutual funds, your value could drop drastically due to falling market values – which is less than ideal for those who are trying to accumulate wealth over time. However, gold offers stability in these circumstances because its value doesn’t fluctuate like other investments. By having gold in your retirement account instead of a different type of asset class, you can limit your losses during periods of economic hardship and prevent dramatic decreases in purchasing power over time.

Gold IRAs have recently become an increasingly popular choice, due to a combination of factors. The most important of these is that an investment in gold gives you more control over your assets. Gold is physical, meaning that it exists in a tangible form and can be stored outside of financial institutions. This may be particularly advantageous when considering what might happen during a worst-case scenario, such as another economic downturn or major political turmoil. If a crisis should occur, government-backed investments could potentially lose value or become frozen by authorities. In contrast, owning gold offers investors protection against such events and lets them remain in control of their assets at all times.

Should I Use a Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Gold?

Self-directed IRAs give you the flexibility to invest in assets that a traditional retirement account would not typically allow. For example, you can invest in precious metals through your self-directed IRA. To do so, you must be sure to set up a gold ira rollover and take advantage of IRS code section 408(m), which states explicitly that an IRA may acquire … physical precious metal. Section 408(m) also stipulates that if one of these investments is ever sold, any profits will be treated as regular income in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 61. Gold investments can give you a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and ensure that you have something to rely on in case of an economic downturn. In addition, gold IRAs offer greater tax-deferred returns than standard IRAs. This means that if you hold a gold investment inside your self-directed IRA for at least five years before selling it, you will not be taxed on any gains until withdrawal. This can help maximize your return on investment and allows you to plan for retirement with more certainty. You can also consider investing in gold through a 401(k) or traditional IRA. While these accounts do not allow you to invest in physical precious metals, they can still be a good way to invest in gold indirectly. For example, you may choose to invest in ETFs that track spot prices of gold or other precious metals, such as GLD and IAU. These funds give you exposure to fluctuating commodity prices without requiring that you physically purchase and store your own gold.

Best Companies Offering Gold IRAs

Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco Precious Metals, who each boast a great track record for customer service, are the top companies for rolling over a gold IRA. And both companies offer the best rates to their customers as well. 

Here’s why we love Augusta Precious Metals. With five stars across every review website, you can find, it’s no wonder that Augusta Precious Metals has won such rave reviews from customers and online reviewers alike. They have helped hundreds of investors open up Gold IRAs at some of their most competitive rates, which means that everyone can take advantage of a gold rollover account.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which company is best for your Gold IRA rollover, but here’s a breakdown of why we chose Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco Precious Metals.

Our Top Trusted Gold IRA Company Picks for 2023

Our recommended Providers are researched and vetted by us and many top consumer organizations. This is the short list of the most consistent companies we could come up with. Request information from them below.

#1: Augusta Precious Metals

Our Rating: 10/10

gold ira rollover


✅ ZERO complaints with the BBB and BCA

✅ Highest reputation and customer satisfaction in the industry

✅ Non-commissioned sales team

✅ Transparent pricing with up to 10 years of fees waved – with certain minimum investments

✅ NFL Legend Joe Montana actual customer before becoming their spokesperson


❌ No way to setup online

❌ The minimum investment for IRA is $50,000

Call Augusta for your free gold kit now: 1-855-470-4636

Augusta Precious Metals Review 2023

#2: Birch Gold Group

Our Rating: 9.9/10


✅ Great company commitment to education and communication

✅ Impeccable customer service

✅ Silver, gold, platinum and palladium available


❌ Signup process can only be done thought a specific link

❌ Certain fees are not disclosed up front

❌ No buyback guarantee of precious metals

#3: Noble Gold Investments

Our Rating: 9.6/10


✅ One of the best no questions asked buyback programs in the industry

✅ Free delivery of your precious metals to your door at any time

✅ Over 20 years of experience in the precious metals industry

✅ Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium available

✅ One of the lowest barriers to entry – ideal for smaller investors


❌ High annual fees for low balances

Goldco Precious Metals offers one of the most competitive rates in its business, at just 0.5% per month. This can be a great option for those who have a small amount of gold they want to move into their Gold IRAs but don’t need to make regular contributions. 

Goldco is also known for having some of the lowest storage fees around. Their 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 gold bars are an even better deal as they carry no storage fees whatsoever! In addition, Goldco also doesn’t require you to purchase anything extra when you open up your account and roll over your gold or other assets. They may not be quite as well known as Augusta Precious Metals, but if you are looking for low rates with flexible terms then Goldco is definitely worth considering!

Augusta Precious Metals has an A+ rating from BBB and four stars across almost every review website you can find. With that kind of history, it’s no wonder why customers choose to roll over their gold with them! Their fees are on par with Goldco, too, but they also boast rates that are just a little bit lower. This is great for those who will be making regular contributions to their gold IRAs and want one of the most competitive rates around.

Augusta Precious Metals has a great track record for customer service and are known for its competitive rates, too. Customers have raved about their ease of use, as well as their transparency when it comes to investment options and fees. Augusta’s security features and flexible gold IRA plans make them one of our favorite companies in business today.

Trading Precious Metals in Your Retirement Account

Now that you have a gold IRA set up, how do you actually go about trading precious metals in your retirement account? Here’s a rundown of some of our most popular articles on gold IRAs and precious metals. Check out these tutorials if you want to learn how to buy or sell precious metals in your retirement account. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying or selling any kind of metal, so if you feel like getting adventurous with an investment strategy, we’ve got tutorials for that too! You can also check out this quick explanation of what a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) is and how it works.

The Gold IRA Rollover Guide 2022

the gold IRA rollover guide

There are some things to consider before you jump into buying or selling gold. Different precious metals offer different types of investment opportunities. Some metals, like gold and silver, are used for industrial and investment purposes. Others, like platinum or palladium, have strictly industrial applications. The ability to buy or sell your precious metal investments may also depend on what type of account you have set up in your retirement plan. In addition to IRAs, 401(k)s, profit-sharing plans (401(k)s), and other standard retirement accounts are generally able to hold precious metals as an investment option within their account structure..

Obtaining a Gold IRA Rollover Guide from Top Companies

From Goldco:

As soon as you’ve decided that investing in precious metals is a solid strategy for your portfolio, Goldco will send you an investor’s kit (or kits, if you are starting multiple accounts). You can start setting up your account using these materials and order products right away. And, don’t forget to give them a call after you receive it, so they can answer any questions you may have and also learn more about how they can assist with all of your precious metals investment needs.

A Precious Metals Company you can Trust!

From Augusta Precious Metals

The first step to investing in gold is to request a gold kit from Augusta Precious Metals. You can visit their site and put in a request that you are interested in ordering a free investment kit. Their team will be happy to help, and will quickly send you everything you need. When you put in your request, it will ask for your name, address, phone number, and email address so that they can contact you with additional details and instructions as necessary. If you want more information on how to start your account, you can also speak to a representative, who will be happy to tell you the steps or walk you step-by-step through the process!

Final Thoughts on Opening a Gold IRA

You can do all of your investing in a traditional IRA or, if you prefer something more tangible, there’s always gold. That’s right – gold is still considered an asset for IRAs and 401(k)s. So if you have some extra cash sitting around, or if you’re just getting started with retirement investing, consider including precious metals in your portfolio to hedge against inflation and stock market volatility. Our ultimate guide to opening a gold IRA rollover should give you everything you need to know about buying gold and putting it toward your future financial security. This isn’t something that will happen overnight (retirement is not synonymous with jackpots), but planning ahead now could lead to a more comfortable retirement in decades to come.

There are two main ways to invest in gold. The first is through a self-directed gold IRA, which lets you buy and sell actual bullion. In order to open one of these accounts, you’ll need to find a custodian who offers it and open an account with them. There are only around 60 companies in America that offer a gold IRA. Luckily, Goldco Precious Metals makes it easy by walking clients through every step of opening an account so they can take full advantage of all its features – which include having free access to over 6,000 physical gold bars available at any time during their investment term. Get in touch with the companies above for your free gold IRA rollover guides.

For investors who don’t want to be so hands-on, there are gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These are baskets of stocks that track their associated market indexes. If you’re already familiar with ETFs, then investing in gold ETFs should be a piece of cake. But if you aren’t, we recommend checking out our free guide on how to invest in a gold ETF for more information about how these products work and how they can help you grow your retirement portfolio.